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Sri Venkateswara Associates - Experts in structural analysis of aerospace hardware


All testing products are thoroughly tested, calibrated and approved for safety standards.  Al the sensitive products are maintained and disposed in environmental friendly ways.

The wide variety of SVA Engineering Products to suit your industrial needs are


  • Different Classes of Electrical Sensors for Strain Measurement.
  • Electrical Resistance Strain Gauges.
  • Chemicals, Adhesives & protective Coatings for Strain Gauge Bonding
  • High Temperature Strain Gauges, Adhesives, Bonding material & Protective Coatings
  • LVDT & Crack Opening Devices
  • Multi Channel Data Acquisition Systems.
  • Residual Strain Measuring Devices
  • Function Generators,
  • Power Amplifiers.
  • Thermocouples.
  • Load Cells & Pressure Transducers